Speranza Falciano among the world’s top 100 female scientists

Speranza Falciano, GSSI Professor and Gran Sasso Tech Board Member, ranked 62nd in the 2023 World Ranking of Most Influential Female Scientists by number of publications and citations.

L’Aquila – Dec. 1, 2023 – Speranza Falciano – Professor at the Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI) and Member of the Board of Directors of the Gran Sasso Tech Foundation (GST) with special mandate for technologies applied to Cultural Heritage – has achieved a prestigious 62nd place in the 2023 ranking compiled by the academic platform Research.com on the basis of scientific publications and citations.

GSSI and GST are thrilled to share the news that Speranza Falciano – who, in addition to her affiliation with GSSI and GST, is also an Associate of the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics – is among four Italian female scientists that ranked among the top 100 female researchers globally. This award confirms the excellence achieved by Professor Falciano in the field of nuclear physics and its applications, and underscores her unwavering commitment and innovative research that has contributed significantly to the advancement of science.

“Professor Falciano, in addition to being a great scientist – as it is clear from this award – proved to be a capable executive when she held, first woman in history, the position of vice president of INFN. She has always been a firm believer in the importance of having productive collaborations between academia and industry,” said Professor Fernando Ferroni, president of the Gran Sasso Tech Foundation, while extending his sincere congratulations to Professor Falciano. Gran Sasso Tech remains dedicated to supporting and disseminating the contributions of its Associates to promote innovation globally and locally.

“We are very pleased with this additional recognition that makes evident and public the extraordinary value of Professor Falciano’s scientific efforts,” declared the Rector of the Gran Sasso Science Institute, Professor Paola Inverardi.